2019 made us live the Instagram boom of top football clubs

Football clubs and social media have always got along. Top teams always seeking for new fans are multiplying contents on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram to enlarge their community. However, Instagram seems to take most of the credit in 2019.

An investigation focusing on the most famous football teams on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) shows that the 10 most followed clubs gathered almost one billion fans. Special thanks to Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United that are on the podium with 570 million followers only for them three.

The clubs part their audience on the differents platforms in a similar way. Facebook remain the main social media platform with an audience share going from 45% to 60% depending on the team. On its side, Twitter remain a minor platform, with shares elevating from 5% (Bayern Munich) to 21% (Arsenal).

Repartition of audience for the top-20 clubs with most followers

The evolution on Instagram, however, is catching our attention. Although its audience share is less important than Facebook in any club, the picture-sharing platform has allowed clubs to grow their audience in an exponential way for every club in 2019, a mile above Twitter and Facebook. Every top team audience on Instagram has grown up to 20% at least.

Special credits to Juventus and Liverpool, who saw their Instagram audiences grow up to, respectively, 70% and 95% during the year.

Sources : Trackalytics

An interesting core offer and ongoing improvements

This shows that Instagram is the ideal place for football clubs to broadcast their content strategy, while incenting a lot of interactions and engagement from their community.

Football is all about living the moment. Then, what is more instant than a picture of your favorite player in live action ? Moreover, it’s easier to like an instant content on Instagram than on any other platform thanks to the « double tap » move.

Instagram is also giving access to a wide range of contents, from short videos (stories) decorated with interactive add-ons to longer videos with IGTV. Here, the user can find the best content that matches his engagement.

A lot of studies focused on the brands accounts on Instagram showed that that the level of engagement on Instagram was superior than 5% (i.e for 100 subscribers, 5 of them like or comment a content), which is eight time fois higher than Facebook and 160 time higher than Twitter.