Sport Stories #3 – a tribute to Kobe Bryant

The sport universe have lost one of its greatests icons this weekend. Kobe Bryant, the legendary Lakers playmaker and his daughter Gianna, have died yesterday in a helicopter crash. This weekly Story is then dedicated to them through the numerous tributes that have been spread all over the world on social media.

Once the horrific rumour was made official, social media first went on fire, full of sadness and incomprehension towards the brutality of the event. The basketball community was in shock, affected at its very heart…

… to let place next at the most creative and solemn tribute messages. Every actor took their time to pay tribute to the great Black Mamba.

Lakers Hall of Fame players and Kobe’s closest teammates took the lead first to express their pain, seeing a rolemodel, a brother in arms and a friend go.

Then, sports legends took over the tribute vibes to the most famous number 24 in the world. In each sport, in each generation, this vibe showed that Bryant was an inspiration for everyone.

Neymar took the time, a few hours after the news, to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant by celebrating his penalty kick against Lille in a special way in front of TV cameras broadcasting his Ligue 1 game.

To gather all the messages dedicated the twice-Olympic medallist here would be impossible, but some creatives set themselves apart to go over the ambient sadness and pay tribute in their way to Kobe Bryant.

Rest in Peace Mamba.