Griezmann brothers launch their esport team !

Under the penguin’s guidance : Antoine and Theo Griezmann launched « Grizi Esport », their brand new esport team. The french forward and his brother are going on the adventure of virtual sport and gaming to challenge the best teams in the world.

We should have read between the lines when Antoine Griezmann was celebrating his goals with Fortnite’s famous « L » dancemove. The 2018 world champion seems to live an enjoyable life thriving on videogames since he has announced the launch of his new esport team : « GriziEsport » with his brother Theo.

Very few informations went away about the structure and the organization of the team yet. A first recruitment campaign has been launched however. So, if you are a fan of the FC Barcelona striker and you are familiar with Fortnite, Fifa, Rainbow Six, League of Legend or even Counter Strike, you know where to send your resume then !